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MPH Community Nutrition

Concentration: Community Nutrition (Code: PCMN)
Delivery: Online

The MPH with a concentration in community nutrition is an online curriculum. The 100 percent online curriculum can be completed wherever the student lives. The community nutrition curriculum is designed to build the skills necessary to be a successful nutrition educator or nutrition program director by embedding experiential learning into the coursework. Goals of the concentration are:

1) Prepare high-quality community nutritionists who can advocate for the better health of diverse members of our society.

2) Provide a learning environment to promote leadership and community service. 

Master's Progression Policy

Review the progression policy for the MPH, MHA and MSPH.

Program of Study

If you have questions on your program, please contact your Academic Advisor.

Important: this concentration has been approved by USF Graduate Council with an effective start term of Fall 2024. The MPH Community Nutrition concentration will not appear in the previous years' catalogs linked below.

Current students may access their Degree Works planner from or OASIS. Students may view their current progress in Archivum at (See Archivum instructions.). If you are not a current student, or want to view program requirements from a different catalog year please use these sources: 

There may be circumstances in which a student may need to change their catalog year. This must be initiated through a discussion with your academic advisor. Details regarding USF policy on changing catalog year can be found in the Student’s Major Degree Requirements section of the USF Graduate Catalog’s Academic Policies.  

Graduate Advising

Please refer to the full list of graduate advisors available on the MPH Graduate Advising page.

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