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The Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree is offered by the College of Public Health. The MSPH provides a focus in research design, data collection, analysis and application of research in public health intended to improve and protect the health of populations.  The degree is designed for students with good quantitative and/or qualitative skills and an interest in the science of public health and a comprehensive research experience.  Students are prepared for research roles in academic or professional public health careers by incorporating epidemiological principles and biostatistical methods with their focus within the core areas of public health.  

Steps to Success

Degree and Concentration Information


MSPH Concentrations (2023/2024)

 MSPH Competencies

MSPH Competencies 

The MSPH in Industrial Hygiene is a professional degree thus includes the same core degree competencies as our MPH.

 Getting Assistance

Getting Assistance

Academic and Student Affairs is here to help. We are located in the College of Public Health, The WELL (MDA - across Holly from the College of Public Health), and remotely. 

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This version of the MSPH Guidebook is the official version of the USF College of Public Health Guidebook for the MSPH degree effective for the current catalog. This is a subset of and supplement to the USF Graduate Catalog. If there are conflicts between the two documents the USF Graduate Catalog prevails. The College of Public Health reserves the right to change its rules, courses, and requirements from time to time and to make all such changes applicable to all students, whether new or continuing, when in its sole judgment such changes are deemed necessary.

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