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The following commonly required forms are available for viewing, downloading, or printing. These forms may be submitted on plain paper after being printed. Links to forms posted by the Office of Graduate Studies will direct you to the OGS Forms website to ensure the most current form version is used.

“Many forms are on our Archivum system. See the Archivum section of our guidebook for instructions.”


Student Information

Program Requests

Registration - Undergraduate Students

Registration - Graduate Students

For contract course paperwork, see the contract course guidebook page. This includes: Independent Study, Special Project, Field Experience, Thesis, Specialized Study, Directed Research, and Thesis/Dissertation.

To add, drop, or change hours after the first week of classes (Add/Drop period), please complete the Graduate Petition Form.
*(COPH) designates that the form is a COPH form rather than used for other colleges or departments across the university. Office of Graduate Studies forms are available here. To update your student information, please refer to the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Thesis, Dissertation and Doctoral Project

Other Sources of Forms and Information

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