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Academic and Student Affairs Tools

Information Sources

This page describes sources of information available to COPH Faculty and Staff. These are tools that offer a robust infrastructure to ensure we align with our strategic mission and adapt to new challenges.

Catalog and Curriculum Sources

Official USF catalogs

Information on COPH procedures and programs for current students, advisors, mentors

USF Box folder for internal documents on programs and academics for advisors and mentors. including PROGRAMS OF STUDY


USF undergraduate academic policies and procedures including curriculum change processes

USF graduate academic policies and procedures including curriculum change processes.

Information on catalogs, courses, CIP Codes, Curriculum codes and more.

The purpose of the Education Committee is to provide faculty and the College with a formal process to lead and guide all education-related aspects of the College of Public Health in order to promote and ensure a quality learning experience for all students.

The tool used by the USF Graduate and Undergraduate councils for curriculum management is the online system Curriculog.


Syllabus templates and a list of competencies for each degree and concentration offered by COPH.

Search for course information including description, attributes, prerequisites, and credit hours

The system provides a database of post- secondary courses at public vocational- technical centers, community colleges, universities, and participating nonpublic institutions.

Data Sources


USF’s system to managing information and processes for students, faculty and staff. Learn more about Archivum


Benchmark data for USF with links to Admission Mart and Enrollment Now


SIS reports provide transactional data such as student, registration, course information. The reports are housed in the SAP environment.


Student assessment of instruction reporting summarizes student course evaluations.


Dashboard from the Office of Decision Support (ODS) that includes reports on student performance, enrollment, and completions.


ODS provides data, analysis, business solutions, reporting, and much more across all USF campuses.


OASIS (Banner) is USF’s Online Access Student Information System (SIS) for managing student records.


Banner Data Management System (BDMS) stores students’ application, appeal, and degree forms.




Association of Schools and Program of Public Health Data Portal to find data across all accredited schools of Public Health.


The National Board of Public Health Examiners (NBPHE) portal for review CPH exam history.


 Many of the tools above require a USF Net ID, or registration. The COPH Programs and Outcomes team can assist with access questions, provide data, assist with catalog or guidebook issues, and assist with curriculum change processes.

COPH Programs and Outcomes Contacts:

Assistant Director, Programs and Outcomes, David Hogeboom

Academic Services Administrator, Rebecca Wood
COPH Curriculum Team, General email



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