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Course Resources

This page provides a list of tools to help students with their coursework. This list may also be found on the last page of Public Health course syllabi.

  1. Minimum Technology Requirements to successfully participate in courses
  2. Netiquette (etiquette for online courses)
  3. Canvas Tutorials
  4. Accessing Virtual Tools
    • Browse the USF Application Gateway where all USF-supported software applications are available to use, just by logging in with your USF NetID. 
    • Access the EndNote citation tool offered by the USF Library
  5. Proctoring Services
    • The University of South Florida is committed to academic integrity of fully online and hybrid based courses. Starting in the spring semester of 2016, Canvas based exams and quizzes may require online proctoring. While online proctoring has been prevalent at USF for many years, the university has recently designated Proctorio as its official online proctoring provider.  Please visit the Online Proctoring website for additional information. 
  6. Plagiarism
  7. For additional writing help, including APA formating, creating citations, and writing services, see the Writing Resources page. 

For Library support please see the Library Resources page. 

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